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Liquid Biopsy Samples for Research

Liquid Biopsy: paired plasma and resected tissue from solid tumors

Prospectively consented. Five-year follow-up.

Liquid biopsy samples, as well as clinical information, are de-identified. Clinical data is collected over the course of the disease for up to a five-year period. There may also be intermittent collection of blood and urine samples over the five-year period. This protocol is conducted in the United States. It is designed to collect blood, urine and tumor tissue, as well as clinical data from prospectively consented donors with known solid malignant tumors including NSCLC, breast cancer and colon cancer and others.

Recently, our understanding of the genetic basis of human disease has seen the greatest advances in the area of cancer genetics. A number of familial cancer genes with high-penetrance mutations have been identified, but the situation is far more complex since the contribution of low-penetrance genetic variants is poorly understood. A deeper understanding of the molecular pathogenesis of cancer will require further study of tissue biology and treatment response as well as new statistical and computational approaches for analysis of the genetic and signaling networks that orchestrate individual cancer susceptibility and tumor behavior. For this approach, well-annotated cancer tissue is required with liquid biopsy samples being ideal.

Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) has been shown to be elevated in the plasma of patients with malignancy. This may present an opportunity for earlier diagnosis and characterization of malignancy based on a blood draw.

This liquid biopsy protocol is ongoing and has enrolled >100 donors to date.

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