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Oncology Program

About PrecisionMed, Inc.’s Oncology Program

The oncology program provides access to US derived FFPE material as well as matched plasma and solid tumor from newly diagnosed patients. When possible, there is up to 5-year follow-up. Another important aspect of our oncology program includes specific sample collections/processing according to individual client specifications.

Plasma and matched resected tissue from solid tumors (Liquid biopsy)

This multicenter clinical protocol, conducted in the United States is designed to collect blood, urine and solid tumor material as well as clinical data from prospectively consented donors with known solid malignant tumors including NSCLC, breast cancer and colon cancer and others. Samples, as well as clinical information are de-identified. Clinical data is collected over the course of the disease for up to five-years. There may also be intermittent collection of plasma and urine samples over the five-year period.

  • Prospectively consented. Five-year follow-up.
  • Banked Material–Breast cancer, NSCLC
  • New collections: colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, others as required by our customers.
  • Matched plasma and tissue samples with detailed clinical data are available.

Prospectively consented plasma and serum from many tumor types.

FFPE/Frozen/Fresh Tissue Samples

  • US sourced diseased and TruNormal® solid tissue.
  • Most diagnoses are available.
  • All of our material is well annotated.
  • Diseased/tumor and adjacent normal tissues from a single donor are immediately available in formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) format.
  • Snap frozen is available but is limited.
  • Fresh material is collected prospectively from ongoing clinical protocols.

Slides/Wet Tissue

Not only do we provide slide preparation for your routine H&E, IHC, FISH, etc. we also provide wet tissue with ample tumor sections. In addition to our menu of services, we also provide tissue curls for your molecular study needs.

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