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Alzheimer’s CSF Research Samples

Alzheimer’s CSF research samples available now.

PrecisionMed, Inc. offers CSF from patients with Alzheimer’s disease (request quote here) which can be matched to our normal controls as required. Our normal control samples are from donors with normal cognition, no history and no family history of neurological or neuropsychiatric disease and no neurological complaint.

CSF samples are from donors with Alzheimer’s disease and matched normal control populations, with detailed clinical data corresponding to each donor visit. All Alzheimer’s CSF samples are provided to our customers free of commercial incumbency and all samples are appropriately consented and collected using IRB approved clinical protocols.

The SAMPLE Registry (Serial Alzheimer’s and MCI Prospective Longitudinal Evaluation) is an ongoing collection of correlated data and biological samples (including CSF) for the investigation of biomarkers of cognitive decline. The SAMPLE Registry is enrolling subjects, with either MCI or AD, aged 50 years and older. All subjects are recruited, evaluated, cognitively studied, and sampled from 12-15 experienced investigative sites, all US based.

Enrollment is ongoing. Six monthly samples with matched clinical data are available on a longitudinal basis. Custom requests for additional sample types, as well as more complex clinical, laboratory and/or radiographic evaluations within selected subpopulations have been added intermediately aged 50 years and older. Enrollment began in August, 2007.

Key aspects of subjects’ cognition including memory and attention are evaluated every six months with simultaneous biological sampling of CSF and blood for a period of 5 or more years.

Six monthly samples with matched clinical data are available on a longitudinal basis. The longitudinal clinical data collected in the AD and MCI subjects over the length of this study to date indicates that the MMSE scores tend to decrease and the ADAS-Cog scores tend to increase over time in both sub-groups (See slide presentation).

CSF from Alzheimer's Disease Donors

Samples are available as 1ml aliquots from individual donors. Each Alzheimer’s CSF sample is accompanied by audited, accurate, detailed clinical information. Samples are shipped immediately.

Please call us at (858) 847-0117 or contact us here for an Alzheimer’s disease CSF quote.

The PrecisionMed human CSF biorepository consists of human CSF, DNA, PAXGene, serum and plasma collections from diseased and normal control human subjects, with associated detailed clinical data corresponding to each donor visit. Collections of diseased and normal control human CSF comprise samples from various age groups and visit formats.

New subjects, repeat visits for existing subjects as well as additional disease types are regularly added. All CSF is collected in the United States under IRB approved clinical protocols. PrecisionMed performs custom human CSF collections and custom CSF processing. Go here for additional detail on our human CSF offerings.

We have a large inventory of normal human CSF as well as CSF from donors with Alzheimer’s Disease, MCI, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and schizophrenia.

Biofluid samples comprise all age groups >18 y/o. The biofluid subtypes are program dependent and consist of combinations of CSF, CSF cell pellet, serum, plasma, PAXGene RNA, blood cell pellet and urine. In our oncology program, we provide biofluids with or without matched tissue. Samples are from the US and collected and consented prospectively. In our neuroscience program, we have fixed and/or frozen post mortem brain regions in Alzheimer’s disease and controls. These brain regions are supplied with appropriate clinical data. In most donors additional biofluids and cells are collected at the same visit as CSF. In the oncology program, we have FFPE, frozen and fresh tissue samples as well as biofluids which may be matched to the tissue. We provide stained and sectioned slides or tissue curls.

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