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Why Become a Donor?

If you’ve been diagnosed with a disease and would like to help find a cure or treatment, PrecisionMed makes getting involved simple.

Donations can be completed in under 2 hours and participants receive compensation for time and travel.

Even volunteering for a simple blood draw can make an impact—enabling up to 20 different research studies.

Why PrecisionMed?

There are many wonderful universities, non-profits, and other organizations performing collections to support research. However, those collection samples typically remain within that single institution sponsoring the collection. In select instances where the samples are made available to other researchers, the sharing approval process can take months or longer.

Your donation is more valuable to research if it’s not limited to use in a single study. PrecisionMed works with multiple organizations and makes your samples available to them immediately to rapidly accelerate research and drug development and support life-saving research efforts across the globe.