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Leukopaks: Research & GMP-Compliant

PrecisionMed provides Research Use Only (RUO) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-compliant Leukopak products to accelerate all phases of pre-clinical and clinical research.

Fresh or cryopreserved starting materials are available to help accelerate your research. Processed in our closed system within the same building as our collection facilities, our Leukopak products are made to order, and can ship to accommodate your timelines. Whether your lab needs human cells for engineering runs, comparability studies, or clinical applications, PrecisionMed is your source for high-quality human biological material.

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Research Use Leukopaks

Consistent high-quality source material for all RUO needs including research, development, and manufacturing. Available fresh or frozen.

Reliability is key when planning your engineering runs and process development. PrecisionMed’s donor agreement, cryopreservation, and splitting option supports the flexibility you need to manage your research, and do so on your schedule.

Our meticulous, predictable collection process begins with our IRB consented, recallable donors and ends with you owning 100% of the sample rights, free and clear.

Our RUO starting material products include:

  • Transparent protocols
  • Closed system from start to finish
  • Collection and processing occurs in the same building
  • Predictable availability
  • Custom orders
  • Terumo Spectra Optia apheresis system

GMP-compliant Leukopaks

PrecisionMed stores and processes GMP-Compliant Leukopaks in tightly controlled cleanrooms to support the consistent development of autologous and allogeneic cell-based therapies.

Collected and processed in our state-of-the-art facility, PrecisionMed’s GMP-compliant, clinical grade fresh and frozen leukopak starting materials are guaranteed. Our cleanrooms enable tightly controlled processing and storage including leukopak splitting and cryopreservation to support the development of autologous and allogeneic cell therapies.

Our 25+ years of collecting, storing, and delivering human biological samples allows us to provide reliable and predictable high-quality source material that meets the stringent requirements of cell therapy development, stem cell therapy, and immuno-oncology.

GMP-compliant leukopaks include:

  • Fresh or cryopreserved
  • Closed system from start to finish
  • Stringent quality control for minimal variability
  • Custom orders
  • Additional testing
  • Terumo Spectra Optia apheresis system

Request Leukopak Information & Inventory

PrecisionMed has been providing researchers with the highest quality human biological material for research since 1996. Fill out the form to request additional information, or to request a quote for fresh or cryopreserved leukopaks.

Our comprehensive sample collections are designed, managed and sponsored by PrecisionMed. If we don’t have it, we’ll collect it.