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Partnering with PrecisionMed, Inc. – A Great Opportunity

pmed partnersPrecisionMed, Inc. wants to partner with you and/or your institution to help accelerate oncology research. We are a San Diego based biobank providing biological material to the research community.

Currently, we are conducting a prospective collection of paired blood and tumor material for ctDNA in solid tumors. This US protocol is enrolling breast and lung cancer donors and we plan to extend to additional solid tumor types. We are seeking additional clinical sites to participate in this protocol.

Other ongoing projects require access to FFPE as well as fresh and frozen tumor material.

All work performed in contributing to these projects is reimbursed by PrecisionMed, Inc.

If you are interested in learning more please contact John Flax MD at 858-847-0117 (California, USA) or contact us here.

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