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Our Proven Process

With PrecisionMed, you can get the samples you need within days, not weeks or months. We maintain long-term relationships across a network of thoroughly vetted IRB approved collection sites to guarantee our high-quality samples. Our predictive approach means that we are constantly collecting and proactively banking, ensuring our robust inventory of human biological material samples are available to ship immediately

Our collection process

Establish Relationships with Clinical

  • Establish Relationships with Clinical Sites

Standarized Collection

  • Standardized Collection + Quality Control of Samples

Gather Clinical

  • Gather Clinical/ Demographic Data

Optimal Storage

  • Optimal Storage of Samples

Samples Available

  • Samples Available Immediately

Customer Owns

  • Customer Owns Sample Rights

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Establish Relationships
Standardized Collection
Gather Data
Optimal Storage
Samples Available Immediately
Customer Owns Sample Rights
Step 1

Establish Relationships with Clinical Sites

At PrecisionMed, we locate premier collection sites across the United States. This includes patient cohorts grouped by clinical diagnosis for baseline and longitudinal clinical and biological evaluation. Each partner site undergoes in-depth validation prior to onboarding and throughout the relationship.

Step 2

Standardized Collection + Quality Control of Samples

We ensure that our partner sites strictly adhere to PrecisionMed’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) for uniform sample collection and quality assurance. Our requirements and guidelines allow us to guarantee each sample and to continue to provide the highest quality human biological material for research.

Step 3

Gather Clinical + Demographic Data

You’ll acquire more than just a sample with PrecisionMed. Our longitudinal collections of blood products, cerebral spinal fluid, and tissue include detailed clinical data such as:

  • Diagnosis
  • Donor family medical histories
  • MMSE scores
  • Treatment responses
  • Demographics
  • Disease progression

All sample data are de-identified and adheres to regulatory standards.

Step 4

Optimal Storage of Samples

We ensure that our samples are stored under ideal conditions to preserve quality. Every sample is:

  • Appropriately stored in Ultra-Low or LN2 freezers according to sample type
  • Monitored 24/7 both on-site and off-site
  • Protected by multiple built-in redundancies
  • Shipped on dry ice
Step 5

Send Out Samples Immediately

When we say we have something, we actually have it. PrecisionMed is constantly collecting samples with our predictive biobanking approach. Therefore, we have a robust inventory that is ready to ship immediately. Our samples are of the highest possible quality and are ready to ship when you’re ready to receive them.

Step 6

Customer Owns Sample Rights, Free and Clear

It’s important that you own your sample rights. Every sample provided by PrecisionMed belongs to the customer after purchase, 100% free of commercial incumbency.

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