• A Forward Looking Biobank PrecisionMed, Inc. is a leading provider of FFPE Tissue, CSF, DNA, RNA, PAXGene, PBMC, Frozen Tissue, Serum and Plasma for discovery research. As a leading biorepository, we collect, bank and market biological material linked to audited clinical data. We offer a variety of longitudinally collected CSF in neurodegenerative and other neurological diseases.
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  • U.S. Sourced FFPE Tissue: Normal Tissue and Any Diagnosis
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  • Biorepository & Biobank Our regulatory-compliant and privacy protected biorepository consists of samples of CSF, CSF Cell Pellets, PAXGene, serum, plasma, DNA and urine collections from diseased and normal control populations with associated detailed clinical data corresponding to each donor visit. In addition we have access to FFPE and Frozen tissue specimens.
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  • Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Biorepository We have CSF from subjects including:
    Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)
    Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)
    Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
    Parkinson's Disease
    Normal Subjects
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  • Biomarker Discovery CRO Services Our biomarker CRO discovery services cover most aspects of sample collection and biobanking. They include project feasibility and timing, remote clinical site identification and qualification, sample collection kit design, and assembly, sample management SOPs and sample collection clinical protocol design and execution.
    Biomarker Discovery Services

PrecisionMed, Inc. is a leading biobank offering vital products and services facilitating breakthroughs in genetics, drug discovery, biomarker research and molecular diagnostics.

LIQUID BIOPSY SAMPLES FOR RESEARCH: Paired plasma and resected tissue from solid tumors

Prospectively consented. Five-year follow-up. Please contact us here or call Dr. Flax at 858-847-0117.

AD, MCI, PD, TRUNormal® CSF protein concentrations

CSF protein concentrations of beta amyloid peptides (38, 40, 42), total tau, alpha synuclein and PARK 7 have been measured in our AD, MCI, PD and TRUNormal® populations. Measurements were performed by the Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study (ADCS) Biomarker Core at UCSD using high throughput bioassay kits from Meso Scale Discovery. Assay results are available to our customers. Read More.


The Sample Registry is a biorepository of CSF, DNA, RNA, serum and plasma associated with linked cognition and clinical data for biomarker discovery and development in subjects exhibiting cognitive decline. Read More.

FFPE TISSUE from the United States

PrecisionMed now supplies US sourced FFPE tissue. Normal tissue as well as most diagnoses available. Material is well annotated. Availability is immediate. Please contact us here or call Dr. Flax at 858-847-0117.